My name is Karen Robertson and I co-lead Visalia First with my husband, Mike Robertson, as well as being the Worship Arts Pastor.  My love for music and singing began at a very young age. Accepting a call to ministry during a youth rally when I was 16, my life was set on course to fulfill that calling and gift of worship.   When I began the “WE ARE” project, God reminded me of our church's vision statement and our deep longing to see lives changed in God’s Presence. God was asking me to use my gifts and talents to SURROUND His people. What a humbling moment to be used by Him to give others a little piece of His Presence.


I write songs all the time.  There were so many pieces sitting in my piano bench and fragment’s on my cell phone that I had jotted down over the years.  They are all precious moments in time where God spoke to me.  These have all come to life in this project.


The songs within the studio album come from my experience as a Christ follower, of lessons learned, prayers of anticipation, acclamations of God’s All Sufficiency, personal growth and maturity. It’s my desire to spur others on to live their life as a Christ-follower as well.   The song “Give It All” is a summons and challenge for each one of us.  It was written for dreamers who, many times, place their pursuits ahead of giving their all to God.  My message is that when you lose your life for Christ’s sake, you will find it in the end.  (Matt 16:25 NIV) 


It is my hope to give you a glimpse of what the Lord has been doing in my life. I pray you experience a “God Moment” as I like to call it, when you hear each Message.  So I present to you, “WE ARE”, The Album.  It wasn’t an easy feat, but through it all it has reassured me that God is always pulling out of us the things we never thought possible in ourselves. He believes in us more than we could ever dream or imagine.


Enjoy your Journey,
Karen Robertson